Video: What is sanitation?

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[Sharada Prasad] 

"The latrines that are safeguarding the health of the majority are also exposing a minority to fatal health risks."

ERG Ph.D. candidate Sharada Prasad and public health graduate student Rachel Sklar have produced a video for UC Global Health Day.
UC Global Health Day is a showcase for the research, training and outreach in global health being undertaken across the University of California. The goal of UC Global Health Day is to feature the rich diversity of global health work being done in different disciplines at all ten UC campuses. This event is an opportunity for UC students, fellows, faculty, staff and visiting scholars to share their current work in global health.

See the video here.

Sharada and Sklar have submitted this video for the Global Health Video Challenge, which "serves as a means to visually capture the passion and experience of our students, trainees, fellows, and residents in global health."

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