ERG Talent Show 2018: SurvivERG

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[Jack Chang, ERG graduate student]

 Spherical Cows on SurvivERG (Photo by E. Panzer) 

What do ERGies get up to when they’re not changing the world?

Believe it or not, they make the time amid research, classes and internships to perform contemporary dance, play the bassoon in the UC Berkeley campus orchestra and choreograph full-tilt Bollywood performances.

That’s at least what I gleaned from the Energy & Resources Group’s annual talent show, which filled Anthony Hall on April 18 with music and ERG alumni. The show also raised $1,740 for ERG’s Spherical Cow Funds in a silent auction that took bids for wine tastings, “insane” workout routines and Icelandic wool sweaters, among other prizes.

Highlights of the night included: Christopher Hyun’s hilarious karaoke-backed recap of his cohort’s research (Think “Chill those nuts” i.e. Kripa Jagannathan’s agriculture-themed quals subject to the tune of Katy Perry’s “California Girls”); Emeritus Professor Gene Rochlin’s moving poetry; John Dees’ set of, as he put it, variations of Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”; Will Gorman’s bassoon chops; contemporary dance by Samira Siddique, Alex Dolginow and Niklas Lollo; and the running SuvivERG skit featuring nearly the entire 2017 entering class.

With so many folks pitching in on food, auction items and performance planning, Yours Truly’s only line in the show, repeated about half a dozen time - “We’re all in it together” - captured the spirit both of the night and of the work everyone at ERG is committed to.

The night ended to the galloping strains of the Bollywood tune “Cutiepie,” matched by a 14-person ERG dance line led by Chris Hyun and Kripa Jagnnathan. On an otherwise chilly spring night, this annual ERG tradition kept the interdisciplinary flame burning another year.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 1: 
The audience meets the cast of SurvivERG

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 2:
 John Dees plays guitar.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 3
: John Dees plays guitar,
 and the SurvivERG contestants face their first challenge.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 4:
 Gene Rochlin performs spoken word,
 and the SurvivERG contestants grapple
 with an island crisis.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 5: 
Alex Dolginow, Nik Lollo, and Samira Siddique
 perform a modern art piece before the
 talent show enters an intermission.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 6:
 We return from intermission to see
 the SurvivERG contestants face another challenge
 and Chris Hyun leads a sing-along.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 7: 
Will Gorman plays bassoon, and the newbies
 come together to reflect on their island challenges.

ERG Talent Show 2018 Part 8:
 The Bollywood Dance!!

Thank you ERGies for yet another incredible year of the ERG Talent Show!

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